Why didn’t CM Chandrababu Naidu meet Venkaiah?

Talks in political circles are focused around why Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu did not personally meeting Mr Venkaiah Naidu to greet him on being selected as the NDA’s Vice-Presidential candidate last week. Both Mr Venkaiah Naidu and the CM likely together go to even little occasions.

The CM was scheduled to greet Mr Venkaiah Naidu immediately after he was nominated by the NDA, but cancelled it with equal alacrity.

As per TDP and BJP sources, Mr Venkaiah Naidu had himself requested that the CM not come Delhi as their welcoming relations was said to be one reason for his exit.

Their friendship extended beyond party affiliations. It only grew stronger after Mr Chandrababu Naidu became CM again.

This gave rise to allegations of a caste angle to their friendship. After bifurcation, AP required the Center's help and Mr Venkaiah Naidu assumed a key part on this front. Mr Venkaiah Naidu even faced allegations that he was acting like a TDP leader, rather than a BJP leader and that he was protecting TDP interests.

There was likewise feedback that in state legislative issues Mr Venkaiah Naidu had censured the YSRCP, rather than acting like a national gathering leader. He was seen to support defections from the YSRCP to the TD.

A BJP leader said data of the relationship had come to the RSS, which prompted Mr Venkaiah Naidu's exit. It was learnt that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah had also come to this decision, after confirming the allegations. This prompted Mr Venkaiah Naidu asking for the CM not to meet him actually as of now.

A TDP leader said the CM was scheduled to attend the swearing-in of Mr Venkaiah Naidu as Vice-President.