The lottery visa policy is terrible: trump


US President Donald Trump has reiterated his support for a legitimate and equitable opportunity, a talent-based immigration policy. The lottery visa system is described as horrific. Speaking at the House, Senate Republican Conference in West Virginia, Trump once again commented on immigration policy. We want a migration policy that gives equal opportunities for everyone, which should be protected by the Americans. They want to come to their country on the basis of talent ... and to respect their country and love and respect for their people. They commented that they do not have a visa lottery policy, no matter what the lottery ticket was being taken. Trump comments have come from the republican leaders. Indian tets will benefit from the talent-based immigration policy proposed by Trump.


Trump said seven of the ten Americans were supporting immigrant policies that would have a permanent solution to the "dacca" law. Dreamers are migrating to the Americans along with parents when they have little children without proper documents. The Action Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Act has been implemented to allow them to study and work in the United States for livelihood.Trump said that immigrants were not only dreamers, but there are also many dreamers and America does not forget the dreamers here. Democrats claim that our Dreamers do not cooperate. Trump said he wanted to save the Dakaa law.