The bus in the valley

A road accident in Himachal Pradesh has been reported. Three children, including 27 children, were killed when a school bus fell into the valley. About 40 people were injured. A school bus in Nuperragar district in Kangra district went to 60 students while the accident occurred. The bus passing through the Nurpur-Chamba road fell to a 100-foot deep valley near the Gurujal village near the village. The officials who received the information were taken to the spot and took help. National Disaster Response Force The students were caught in the bus. Some people had already lost their lives and the injured were rushed to the hospital. The students in the accident bus were in the fifth grade. The parents were shocked when they realized that the children had returned home after school. They went to the hospital and to the hospital to find out their safe information. 

Himara Pradesh Chief Minister Jayaram Thakur spoke about the school bus accident. We have been directed to take up relief operations. Ordered the inquest. Rs 5 lakh was declared compensated for the death squads.