Road accident at IIT Hyderabad

Very fast .. Five innocent lives have died. This accident, which reached the destination in a few minutes, left the family unharmed. The accident occurred when a rtici bus coming from the other side of the car collided with a collision. The incident took place between 3.05-3.10 pm on Friday afternoon at the IIT Hyderabad campus near Sangam Reddy district of Kandi Mandal. As soon as the accident happened, the district SP Chandrashekhar Reddy and Sangarreddi DSP Srinivas reached there. Besides Bardham Narendar Chari (30) in the dead, all the others are unmarried young men. According to the police, Baashetty Mahesh (28) of Sangarreddy town is running a fake company locally known as Ketka Digitals. Tinu Venkat Ramreddy (24) is working in this. Ellugaleeswar Reddy (28) of the town is in the business of catching cameras. 

Nakata Nagaraju Sangarreddy, a resident of Sulthanpur village in Pulal mandal, is employed in Lakshmi Diwali (20). Bandaram Narender Chari (30) runs a grocery store at Shantinagar. The police say that they have come out of the house at 10 o'clock in the morning and rushed to Mahesh's car. Flexi in the event held on the occasion of Holi, and after doing other things, they left for the town of Sagareddy (TS158699). During the afternoon 3.05-3.10, they are crossing the IIT camp at Kandi. As the car ran faster, the control was lost and it went down to the divider and entered it. The RTC bus (AP 233328), which was going to Patanpur from Zaheerabad, The driver was trying to reduce the speed of RTC driver Tukaram Bass when the bus hit the car and the bus hit the road. So, Mahesh, Nagraj and Narendar were driving on the spot. 

Their bodies were stuck in the car. The police were able to get the dead bodies out. When the bombs in the car opened up, they were shattered by the intensity of the burden. Police found that the victims were seriously wounded and they were rushed to the hospital for treatment of Ullagareshwar Reddy and Tuna Venkatram Reddy. But they died at the crossroads. The death toll has reached five. The car is very intuitive for the seriousness of the accident. According to police, the driver was spontaneous and there was a lot of mud in the area where the bus had a chance to get minor injuries. After the accident, the RDC driver thrown out of there. Conductor Lymeshawar was taken to the district central hospital as he suffered minor injuries. He said the accident occurred when the bus crashed near the other side of the car. At the time of the bus there were 18 people. Five of them suffered minor injuries.

Dead bodies were moved to the headquarters of the district central hospital. The dead are the townspeople, with their family members and friends and relatives coming there and there are no more lives. Sangata Reddy MLA Chinta Prabhakar came to Shavagaram. The matter was taken to the CM's attention and assured families of the victims would be financially protected. After 7 o'clock at night, their dead bodies were handed over to the family members after the autopsy. The case was registered and the case was investigated, said Ranga Nairandar, Rural Radiate.