Review: Raa Raa

Picture: Raa Raa

Actors: Srikanth .. Nazia .. Venu .. Chamkach Chandra .. Ali .. Prithvi .. Shakalakal Shankar and others

Music: Rap Rock Shakiel

Editing: Shankar

Producer: M.Vijay

Directed by: Shankar

Banner: Vizi Cheresh Visions

Release date: 23-02-2018

Srikanth's heroine was once again on the screen. His first comedy horror comedy film 'Ra..Ra'. His next film was 'War Reflection'. Srikanth is seen as the director. So far, ghosts have seen the threat of human beings on the screen. With the 'Anandoobrahma' movie, people have seen the new concept of ghosts. The entertaining film was well received. Now in the same sense, 'Ra..Rara' has been screened. Will the film be impressed by the audience?

Director: Rajkiran (Srikanth) takes three movies. The three films will be flopped. At the time of the third film, the mother gets a heart attack. A hit movie is going to be the fourth film with the ambition to save the lives of his mother. This time the devil chooses the story. He puts in the oldest bungalow at the end of the town. That's where the story is written, and that's where he wants to finish shooting. However, in the bungalow some souls revolve. Not everyone who enters it will be sent out. Rajkiran and his team will be held hostage at that house. Was Rajkiri able to get out of the film? That's the story.


How is it that the film is going to be intimidated by the fear of the devil. But the new point is that the director does not use it properly. Seeing human beings, the ghosts scared the scenes and made it look like a fancy look. No sequence was screened on the screen. Despite the presence of countless actors, the scene in the scene was not enough. Prithvi comes in the middle and makes some sense of relief. It is not the first time. Just pinching the scenes. The second ghost gang enters the second half of the second. The story has to turn around from there. The ghost flashback and then the movie with ghosts. The point is to get the film with ghosts but the audience will be bored with the humorous scenes already.Because both the entertainment and the horror elements are known, 'Rahra' could not do justice to this. The majority of the comedians, the heroine of Srikanth, is the first major attraction of the film.


+ A team of comedians


- Do not use them correctly

Rating: 2/5.