Pari Review

Movie Name: Pari (Hindi)

Actors: Anushka Sharma, Parambatra Chatterjee, Rajat Kapoor, Rathabari Emperor

Music: Anupam Roy

Production companies: Crest Entertainments, Clean Slate Films, Kaitha Productions

Producers: Anushka Sharma, Karnesh Sharma, Pratana Arora, Arjun N. Kapur

Story, screenplay, and direction: Prosit Roy

Release date: 02-03-2018

Anushka Sharma is a good actress and producer of Bollywood industry. Most of her films have received good talk. Produced with 'NH 10'. Actress and producer got good success with the first film. Then the film 'Fillauri' was produced. The new concept is also a good deal. The audience now came up with a film that has never seen 'Para'. Anushka was frightened by the day-to-day poster and teaser of the film. Generally the leaders do not tend to act in such roles. Anushka tried to be like that. Will the viewers impress the audience as per expectations? Know.

Story: Arnab (Parambatrata Chatterjee) crosses the car at night and accidentally Ruksana (Anushka Sharma) struck her mother. She loses her life on the spot. He wants to correct his mistake. Rogasana is doing everything for himself. But Arnab is already engaged with Piël (Rayabhari's Emperor).

On the other hand, Professor (Rajat Kapoor) is looking for her to kill Ruxana. In this background, Raxana turns into devil. Because of her, Arnab's troubles begin. Why did Rxana become a devil? Why does the professor want to kill Rucson? Arnab left for Roxana? To know the movie you need to know.

How's it : It's a hundred dollars per horror backdrop. The poster is saying that this story is not a Fairy Tale. Procede Roy directed the film to cope with the caption. Even though the first film, the director narrated the story well. The ghost sequences are shaking in the back. After watching the film, the spectator turned to the scenes for fear of drowning. That is the background music. In the first place, he led the story. In the latter case, some stretching scenes were perfect. But what will happen next? Anxiety does not make the viewer aware of the viewer. The twists that come here are good. Like 'Raj' and 'Bhoot' in Bollywood, 'Para' remembers the audience as a good horror movie.


+ Anushka, Parabatra, Rajat Kapoor's acting

+, Twista

+ Story, story

+ There are scary scenes here too


-Text of stretching scenes

Rating: 2.5/3