Fans Not Happy With Chiru Business Plan?

Why is megastar Chiranjeevi doing his 150th film? Is it for its success or doing business on it? These are the questions being raised not by film critics, but by Chiranjeevi’s own fans about his forthcoming film Khaidi No. 150.

Apparently, they are not taking it kindly the move of the film makers to sell the pictures to buyers at huge rates. They are of the view that the chances of success would be more, if the Chiranjeevi family releases the film on its own.

If the buyers succumb to the demand of the producers, they would be at huge loss if the film does not meet the expectations of the audiences.

More than the fear of the flop of the film, the fans are apprehensive that if it fails at the box office, it would lead to the talk that people have rejected Chiranjeevi and the media would be after his neck.

May be the film makers are of the view that by selling the film at exorbitant rates, they were showing the stamina of Chiranjeevi, compared to the successful young heroes.

However, if the strategy does not work out, there would be colossal loss to the image of the mega family. Moreover, the film has become a challenge for Chiranjeevi’s fans, because it is being released simultaneously with the release of Nandamuri Balakrishna’s 100th film Gautamiputra Satakarni.