No status. Only Package: Jaitley

Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has once again received an old loan in the case of division of Andhra Pradesh. There is no special status for any state in the country. Speaking to the media on Wednesday evening, he said, "There are no consequences for special status. The GST revenue, central and state distribution and the lack of adequate revenue has given priority to the northeastern states. At present, there is no special status for any state. North East States currently have 90:10 percent funding. 

The state division of Andhra Pradesh was unlikely to be fought and thus the loss of AP was recovered. We will replace the revenue deficit for a few days. With some consequences, the concept of special status does not exist, There are no provincial states in the country. The revenue deficit is in the division of the dividend and it is decided to raise funds in Andhra Pradesh to 90:10 ratio. He said 90 per cent of the state's overseas liabilities would be paid by the Center. The Center is still committed to funding the aforementioned ratio. It has been suggested to establish SPV-like institutions for AP. The special status of the AP is very low compared to what they have given, and the Center has refused to give the benefits to the packages. The calculation of the revenue deficit from 2014 to 2016 and a further 10 months would be calculated. We have already paid about Rs 4,000 crore and we have to pay the necessary funds. Under the revenue deficit of Rs. Only 138 crores are to be paid. The amount of funds to be calculating should be patience. 

Allocation of funding with political benefits was commented. 90: 10 says that Andhra Pradesh has been eligible for a ratio of 90: 10, but it does not have a special status but it gives every benefit. Jaitley once again made it clear that they are committed to every aspect of the law. The Center will be responsible for 29 states, all states are equal to the center. Jaitley has already given Rs 5,000 crore to Polytechnic.