MLA :Review

Movie Name: MLA

Cast: Kalyan Ram, Kajal Aggarwal, Posani Krishna Murali, Jayya Prakasra Reddy, Ravi Kishan and others

Music: Mani Sharma

Composition: thin tammiraju

Production company: Blue Planet Entertainment

Producers: Kiran Reddy, Bharat Chowdhury, Vishwa Prasad

Cinematography: Prasad Moorella

Story, screenplay, direction: Upendra Madhav

Release date: 23-03-2018

Kalyan Ram has come up with prominent commercial films from the very beginning. Most of the films he made were the commercials of the fuck. 'Ijas' and 'Pataas' belong to this category. Now the MLA has come up with an audience. He said that he is a good MLA and not a good man. Will this boy get to the audience? Will Kalyan Ram get another hit with this film? Let's see.

Kathentante: On one occasion Kalyan (Kalyanram) sees Indu (Kajal). She immediately loves her. But this is going to escape from Kalyan. In this background it gets caught in a problem. Kalyan comes out of the problem with his intelligence. In this case, love for Kalyan will increase. This is the reason I want to make Jaiprakash Reddy MLA alongside. But Gadappa (Ravi Kishan) serves as MLA in that constituency. He wants to get married to Gaddappa. Kalyan comes to this background and he loves it. Jayaprakash tells Kalyan that he is the MLA. Kalyan says that he will become an MLA to marry a girl who loves him. How did Kalyan win in that challenge? Is it married? Things on the screen.

How is it:This is a commercial film. Everything is going to be commercial. First there is no catacombs. Kalyan is coming up to make it impressive. The director used the first half to show Kalyan's character as a good character. Kalyan's plan to recover the possession of the kabza is funny and it seems funny to run away from the logic. The entertainment that audiences need to be found in the episode. Kalyan's initiative to become an MLA of the latter starts from the moment. In addition to commercial values, small children should have a good point of study and should not go to work. Each scene is going to be anticipated. But entertainment is going to be good. Many scenes are away from Lazika. Songs, fights, punch dialogues are commercial. Overall, this is a familiar story.


+ Entertainment

+ Commercial items

+ Production values


- Routine story