Japan-like fight: Chandrababu

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has taken a key decision today at the Amaravaya Empowerment Conference in Amravati, where the concerns continue to be demanding the special status of Andhra Pradesh. Siddhama Chandrababu for concerns for the state purposes, including the Opposition for the State, who will cooperate with the concerns. The question of irrevocably questioned the Center for questioning and the answer to the question is not fair. "We will cooperate if we do not disturb the security of the state in the state. There is a danger to the development of the country when there is a danger of peace and security. Japan should fight along the way. Let's wait for half an hour every day. Let's work for another hour. Let's make the hunger strike to protest. If necessary, let the blackbirds work all day, "Chandrababu said.