What are the other two teams that reach the IPL playoffs?

This year's IPL league competitions have reached the final stage. The league stage competitions will end on May 20, as of next Sunday. There is no doubt that every match that is taking place from time to time is interesting. Their teams are very happy to have a place in the playoffs. Sunrisers Hyderabad and Chennai Super Kings have already finalized their positions in the playoffs without any competition. Dilie lost almost the chance to reach playoffs. Royal Challengers Bangalore can not get a place in the playoffs unless it's a miracle. The teams are still in the playoffs (as of May 14) ... let's see what other teams compete in the playoffs. Four of the best performances based on the points and net runare will be in the playoffs.

Sunrisers Hyderabad: Sunrisers Hyderabad, which has been the bowling mainstay, has won 9 of the 12 matches so far. This is the first team to join the Playoffs in IPL. Play more matches in the league. If they lose, they are in the top-4.

Chennai Superkings: Two years after the ban, IPL entered. Chennai, which has so far played 12 matches, finished second with 16 points. This is the second team to reach the playoffs.

Kings XI Punjab: Punjab is in the third place in the points chart. Play three games in the league stage. Royal Challengers Bangalore, Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings will have to face. No match match will reach the Punjab Playoffs. But if you win two matches, there is no need to worry about the place in the playoffs. If any of the two matches are lost in the top spot of the Punjab Top-4. Wait till the end.

Kolkata Knight Riders: There are two more matches in the league. With both good matches and good net run, the Kolkata Playoffs will be able to win. Otherwise, there are opportunities for Mumbai Indians to shoot Kolkata. Because Mumbai Ranarate is better than Kolkata. If Kolkata win in the next match against Rajasthan Royals, the chances of reaching Playoffs will improve.

Rajasthan Royals: Rajasthan's fifth-wicket win over Rajasthan in the five-match series, In the next match of the tournament, Rajasthan will face the Kolkata Knight Riders. With the victory over Mumbai Indians on Sunday, the prospects of Rajasthan top four are likely to emerge.

Mumbai Indians: Mumbai Indians are the only team that has triumphed the IPL trophy. Such a Mumbai team has been disappointed this season. Only 5 of the 12 matches won. In the match against Rajasthan Royals on Sunday, the chances of winning the playoffs in the squad are fine. Kings XI Punjab will now play three matches in the top-4. There are opportunities to reach the Mumbai playoff if they lose two matches in the triple.

Royal Challengers Bangalore: This year's IPL trophy, we have got to know that Bangalore team has suffered great losses. The seventh place in the points table continues. Bangalore should still play 3 matches. The victory in these matches is a miracle unless the Kohli army is in the playoff playoffs.

Dilli Daredevils: The story of Dilli Daredevils has already ended in the IPL season this year. In all three of the 12 matches played in the triple point, There are two matches yet. Not winning the playoffs.

And if any of the four teams get in the playoffs ... no four teams have to wait for a few days to get to the tournament.