Go to Delhi this night: Chandrababu

TDP president and chief minister Chandrababu held the teleconference with their party MPs. Members of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha and representatives of the Legislative Assembly of the Legislative Assembly also attended the meeting. The MPs have been asked to present the House to the House tomorrow and to insist on a discussion of disbelief. The Chief Minister said that the Congress and the CPI (M) along with Waqala and the CPI (M) have also made untraceable notices. The party, which gave notice of the earlier notice, could take up a discussion on infidelity. Chandrababu directed their party MPs to take advantage of the debate on infidelity. The injustice to the state should be done at national level. It has been suggested to question the non-implementation of 19 elements in the reorganization legislation four years after the division. The six assurances given by Parliament are to be fulfilled. All the information needed to make the MPs available to discuss effectively in the House said. The UCC has given all things to do after all the funds that the Chief Minister has given the funds backed to be backed as Sabbanana. The debate was very important for the state and ordered to echo the aspirations of the five crore people in the Lok Sabha. This is a very important time and talk of infidelity is important for the state.

Go to the house with yellow shirts!

Chandrababu had ordered the party MPs to reach Delhi this night. Tomorrow the House will have to attend yellow shirts and knives. The party will seek alliance partners to cooperate with AP in the backdrop of a no-confidence motion on Tuesday. We have to explain to everyone about injustice in Andhra Pradesh and give all the information they have to the party leaders. Teresa also came forward to cooperate. Chandra Babu said the issue of infidelity on the Center is not a single issue today, and the injustice done to AP has been transformed into a national level.

Resolve the efforts of the BJP

The Chief Minister told the MPs to reverse the BJP's efforts to lure Andhra. Two groups were formed to provide information to MPs. One team in Dilli said that another team from Amravati is working. In the social media, there has been an increase in BJP misconduct and no one should be distrusted. This will increase the opposition in the BJP and increase the sympathy of the TDP, "he said in the Teleconference with the Chief Minister.