Digital Governance

We will see this (electronic) digital administration in Telangana within a few days. The Command Control System, which displays all the collectorates, government offices and state level positions across the state, will be set up in the secretariat of the Chief Minister's official residence Pragati Bhavan, the state governance center. Digital screens are set up at CM and CS offices. It is possible to see meetings, events and programs across the state. Reviews can also be monitored. The required data network work has already begun. The Police Department is preparing the Command Control System. The government is also ready to use this technology for general governance. Presently, the district secretariat has a video conference facility. Authorities have spoken speakers in the offices. The new approach is more widespread. Officials can speak anywhere. Direct fiber cable network will be brought to public offices. The satellite video network will also be used for field information. The government will provide awareness for officials and employees for electronic governance. Each officer will be given the name of the government by the Idea network for the government. Video calling facilities are provided for all smartphones and smart phones. The phone numbers of the officers are connected to the command control room over the Internet. The Command Control System of the police force will be linked to the main command system. Even if the issues of law and order arise, CM and CS will be able to view the situation there. The project was designed by General Secretary Esk Joshi. CM KCR has approved this. The IT department has initiated these arrangements in accordance with the CEI guidelines. Coming soon to the fiber grid state. Then the village level information can also be viewed live.

Chief Minister KCR's Special Attention 
CM KCR uses Google Satellite Technology to study irrigation projects. In the Legislative Assembly, a detailed description of the projects. Such technical aspects are taken into account in the creation of the command control system. The command will be monitored after the command control system becomes available. District Development Boards, District Zilla Parishad Meetings and other important reviews will be seen in the collective centers, including public programs.