Deadline for linking Aadhaar extended

The Supreme Court hearing over this issue, Center expanded the December 31st due date for connecting Aadhaar to Bank Accounts, PAN and Cellphones uncertainly. Another date could be reported post the court hearing booked to happen Tomorrow. 

A few petitions were moved in Supreme Court protesting the move of Center making Aadhaar linkage with Bank Accounts, PAN, Cellphones and Government Schemes obligatory. Candidates claimed it goes under rupture of key ideal to protection. They even associated the likelihood with abusing the Aadhaar points of interest, for example, fingerprints and iris examines. A 5-Judge Supreme Court Bench is probably going to issue a break arrange. 

Prior, Central Government kept up Bank Accounts, PANs and Mobile Numbers will go invalid on the off chance that they weren't connected to Aadhaar at the very latest December 31st, 2017. The surge in the banks continued working since few days as the due date is drawing nearer. Be that as it may, now, People will set aside their sweet opportunity to connect Aadhaar with Bank Accounts relying upon the new due date.