Check for pending green cards with that procedure

The White House, the presidential residence, has announced that green card pending will be reduced by an immigration policy offered by US President Donald Trump. Green card applications of talented employees with the Immigration Policy which supports Trump to give up visa-based visas and the possibility of pension will be reduced. The White House has made it clear that Indian H1NBCs are demanding the cancellation of the quota for each country in the case of green cards. Most Indian Americans who went to the US via HS1B visas are worried about green card payments due to countries' quota. Millions of Indian Americans' green card applications are pending for years.

Indians who work on a variety of visas in different parts of the US are employed. Many of them are in Washington demanding a trump and Congress demanding a change in immigration policies over the past week. The White House has announced that it will prevent damage to our economy by turning to the current immigration policy. Trump also responded by Twitter. Trump tweeted that the time was come to abolish the lottery process, the need to protect the Americans who create a different migration policy for the Congress. Trump is expected to attract talented and experienced professionals across the globe through talent-driven immigration.