Review: Chal Mohan Ranga

Movie: Chal Mohan Ranga

Cast: Nitin, Megha Akash, Madhunandan, Rao Ramesh and others

Music: SS Thaman

Production companies: Surreal Movies, Peacock Creative Works

Producers: Trivikram Srinivas, Pawan Kalyan

Story, screenplay, direction: Krishna Chaitanya

Release date: 05-04-2018

Vayal, seeing the hero Nitin equal rights. He started with a start. Receives success respectively. Later on, the tide was faced. But it is not back down. Attempts to avoid holding hold He is the hero of the film and he is traveling to the movies. Nitin, a Powerstar Pawan Kalyan fan from childhood, has seen the audience grow in the film 'Chal Mohan Ranga' for the first time. Trivikram Srinivas was also a co-producer. And let us see how the audience came to know in the Pawan-Nitin-Trivikram combination.

Story: Mohan Ranga (Nitin) is a young man who looks after Megha Akkas. But she will go to America when she is young. He dreams of going to America for the cloud. After getting bigger he gets a US visa and enters the country. Cloud in the US appears in the field. But she does not know that she is a cloud. How did love originate between the two? Why break up? How come again is the story.

How is it: This is the story given by Trivikram. But there is no magic in the story. Simple story. The director added the fun scenes to it. The process of portraying the role of the heroine .. He goes to the US to go on .. There are attempts to make a H1B visa there. The road trip between the cloud and the cloud is also fun. In the first half of the story, the director is satisfied with the scenes, but the director is the director. The first half-time passes, with the beauty of America, fine music, entertainment, and so on. Strong reasons for the parting of the ground and the cloud did not show. The second time starts slowly. There is no story track until you can go back to Ooty again looking for a rainbow. The director again begins to like the audience, as he believes in his entertainment. The director's strength is fun. Wherever it is grown, the movie audience will keep on smiling. There is a long party episode before the climactic sequences. It's fun at Trivikram level. This may be the scene that can be secondary to one. In the story, the action is not a place but a fighting battle is shown. It's a lot of fun. The climax of the climax is routine, giving the story a perfect finish.


Nitin's appreciation is astonishing. In the first half, Nitin Leopard appears to be beautiful in his falling patrons. Many scenes are going with the role of hero. Cloud Aakash is beautiful. We can not give up. Between the two, chemistry is well made. Rao Ramesh, Naresh, Madanandan and Narra Srinivas have played important roles. After a long time actress Lizzy appeared on the screen. Kathiranta walked around Nitin and the clouds. The rest were supported by both. Thaman's music is impressive. You like the 'big big' song. All the rest is Melodi. The style of the song '' is impressive. This is a story that has largely been on the background of America. There is a new flavor for the story because of the locations and ooty of the place. Cinematography is at a higher level. The director showed his work in the dialogue section. In many places the Trivikram mark appears. Some scenes appear to be Trivikram. 'Chal Mohan Ranga' would be much better if there was more entertainment in the second and a strong story.


+ Nitin, Megha Akash

+, Entertainment

+, Dialogues

+ Locations


- Known story

- second half