BJP is talking unfairly

Do not remember the center of Arun Jaitley, who tells us that money is not a sentiment? Chief Minister Chandrababu questioned. He spoke during the debate on the implementation of VV Bajana Act .

"We have agreed to a special package that guarantees all the benefits of special status. Forty years in politics. I have been helping the BJP leaders in politics. I became chief minister in 1995. I am in that position for nine years. Ten years ago I was the Leader of the Opposition. I have been a CEO since four years. Nobody knows more about me than in the state. I am one of the senior political leaders in the country. I am the first to say that economic reforms will make profits. Do not I know about state interests? BJP leaders speak unjustly on partition assurances. Do the BJP leaders suffer if they have a hard earned wealth of 60 years? Now Andhra Pradesh is the same situation. It is not right to say that special status does not have a great advantage. Providing subsidies and funds to states where the status is ranked. Are the BJP leaders wanting that they do not need a state that is lost with a division? ' Chandrababu questioned. 

"Asking the Center to sustain the state of Andhra Pradesh with equal development. The BJP leaders have said that the state has achieved double digit growth by the Center. Why is this growth not happening in the states where the BJP governments are? We are struggling because we are struggling. When the division of the state took place, Modi responded, 'Congress government has given birth to a baby and killed her mother. If we are in power, we will have equal justice to both states, "he said. And what did you do when you came to power? After the division, the revenue deficit was estimated at Rs 16,000 crore, the CAG said. The Finance Commission has suggested that funds should be allocated within the budget of 2014-15. Why the funding is not granted in that year's budget itself. The BJP ministers in the state government, How should a Railway official understand that Railways can not be given Visakhapatnam in the context of our ministers resigning at the Center? Is there a particular political policy for the center? Not the decisions of the authorities .. Politically policy decisions are also important in governance. People who wiped out the state of incorrectly divided the Congress. I wish you all to get that condition. What is the Prime Minister then? "He said, demanding that Prime Minister Modi's assurances should be completed.

Partition Act, special status NTR gives self-esteem to the fishermen .. I am confident. I'm not afraid. No lobbying. Asked for the post of Governor, asked for the post of Corporation? State interests are important to me. Are state BJP leaders obliged to ask the Center for state benefits? I do not. Jaitley made the announcement in the Rajya Sabha as an opposition leader to replace the Seemandhra Revenue Deficit. Now look at what he is talking about after the Finance Minister, "Chandrababu said.