A Big Good News For NRI Indians


President Donald Trump stated that the time for the issuance of green cards in the United States was to cancel the lottery policy, based on their merits. This is the right way for America's first policy. He addressed the US Congress for the first time today. The President of the Congress will speak annually for both the Congress. It is called 'State of the Union Address'.


It is time to issue green cards based on talent. Trump said in his speech that experts, those who are useful to our society, respect for the country and those who love it. He strongly opposed the chain migration policies (chain migration). Trump revealed that his proposed migration policy was fair and that everything would not be as they wanted.


Profitable Indian immigrants will benefit from the migration policy. However, if the chain migrations are abolished, their relatives will be barred from being brought to the United States. In the US, millions of Indians have been pending applications for green cards. Trump comments are for those people.

The trump is basically four points. The first is to give citizenship to nearly 1.8 million people who have entered the United States without proper papers through their parents as young children. Second, building a wall south of America to intercept illicit infiltrations for national security. The third is to cancel the lottery policy in visa procedures. Fourth .. chain to stop migrants.