Review: AWE!

Picture: A! 
Actors:  Kajal .. Nithya Menon .. Esha Rebah .. Regina .. Srinivas Avasarala .. Murali Sharma .. Rohini .. Priyadarshini .. Devadarshini .. Pragati 
Music by: Mark K. Robin 
Photography: Karthik Ghattammanan 
Editing: Gautham Neruu 
Producer: Nani, Tiprini Prasanthi 
Written and Directed by: Prashant Verma 
Banner:  Wall Poster Movie 
Release Date: 16-02-2018 
In all the movies, the movie will be a movie! All are said before the release of the film. Many of us would like to go to the theater theater, old anxious pudding and a new bottle of fresh sandana. But somewhere little hope ... the heroine like Nani has come forward to build a film that means there will be something in the story. Apart from that, the cinematic propaganda process and the actors are getting interested in the movie. "In the world I am ... the world in me" and put them on posters and added that interest to the peak. Today's audience has come forward with all the weighty expectations. Let's see if this film is made to all of them to be 'A'!

Kathentante: The film starts with the artist (Kajal) emerging into a restaurant. On the day of his birthday, he decides to make an unforgettable decision in life. The restaurant is managed by the film (Progress). After the arrival of Kali, each character will enter the film. Radha (Isha Rabb) comes to the same restaurant with her parents to introduce her boyfriend. They know that the daughter of Krishna Varna (Nithya Menon), a mother of her daughter, is not a child. Meanwhile there will be a job for 40 (Priyadarshini). He does not come cooking. He looks and looks at youtube. The fish (nanny voice over), the bonsai plant (Ravi Teja voice over) help. Meera (Regina) is a waitress in the same restaurant. She looks to herself with her boyfriend to steal a life in the same hut. Shiva (Srini Needala) is working as a dor boy in that restaurant. But Siva wanted to become a Scientist. Anyway, the time machine is ready to go past and meet his parents. Meanwhile, a woman named Parvati (Devadarshini) comes to Shiva. She is the daughter of the filmmaker who comes to the restaurant with her magic. However, the magician yogi (murali sharma) who comes there will bother her. The magic hinders small children. Each of them has a story. Each life. But why are they all come to the same restaurant? Who is telling about whose story. The reason for who they are all are the real lives .. That restaurant, What's the relationship to them? What was the decision on the day of the birth of the art? The answers to these questions are to see the film.

How is it: Concept Based Movies is a film that is trusted to do it. With the top casting, the movie audience will soon give theaters. No one who comes will be disappointed. There are so many things around us in the community that you find in the movie. But there are answers to them. How a man's feelings take and how to change the man; The film is based on such things as how much others are suffering. The director showed in the form of various characters in the film, such as anger, hostility, selfishness, pride, fear and anger. So the actors do not appear in the movie. There are the feelings of them. If we look at the characters in this film, we think we have always behaved like this one somewhere. That's why the movie does not leave you anywhere. Sitting in the theater ...

+ Storyline 
+ Cast 
+ Cinematography 
+ Nani, Ravi Teja

- a category only to please the audience with the plot 
- between the center of the unwanted scenes 

Rating: 3/5.