For the first time in the country, the 5G tested airtel

Telecom giant Airtel and technology company Huawei jointly tested 5G networks for the first time in the country. They gained 3 gigabytes in just one second. "We have successfully tested 5G networks for the first time in the country," Huawei said.

The test was conducted at Manesar Airtel Experience Center in Guragram. 'It's too small. But it is a crucial milestone on the journey to reach 5 jeeps. 5G telecom segment can rotate. Our lives and things can change. Bharti Airtel Networks' director Abhay said, "We will develop an amazing 5G network in India with our partner."

The target speed of the test achieved 3 GBPs. "This is the highest speed of a mobile network achieved in the 100MHz bandwidth in the 3.5GHz band, the end-to-end test." In the telecom sector, Airtel is planning to launch 5 jets for the launch of Geo sensations.