Visakhapatnam Partnership Conference in Industrial Investment

Vizag the second day of the Partnership Summit, several leading companies have made contracts to invest in various sectors of the state. Reliance Industries is the largest source of contracts worth Rs 55,000 crore. The total amount of investments made on Satyam and Sundays was Rs 2,18,814 crore. 3,84,662 people will get employment if all goes into force. On Saturday, 79 deals were valued at Rs 44,246 crore and on Sunday alone 285 contracts worth Rs 1,74,569 crore were made. The energy sector is in the forefront of attracting investments. Contracts worth Rs 1,11,921 crore were made in the sector. On the second day, key contracts took place in air, defense, textiles, fuel, food, health, IT and electronics sectors. Prominent private organizations such as Tata Trust to train young people with skill development, Many government agencies have made agreements with the Andhra Pradesh Skill Development Agency. Industry Minister Amarnath Reddy said the situation in the country is 7 to 15 per cent if the contracts show that there are 38 to 40 per cent of the respondents in the AP. If the state gets special status, the burden of subsidies given to the industry will be reduced to the state government .. Three times more industries are encouraged.


On the second day, key 
meetings were held on the second day of the Partnership Conference on various sectors. Nationals, foreign trade entrepreneurs and experts from various fields. Chief Minister Chandrababu attended many meetings. Union Commerce and Industry Minister Suresh Prabhu participated in some of the meetings. Special trade meetings were held with representatives from Singapore, Japan and South Korea, who were interested in investing in various sectors in Andhra Pradesh. On the second day, many ministers attended the Parthasan Conference.