Stephen Hawking about death

Notable Physicist, Unfaith Einstein Stephen Hawking (76) Having arrived in his home on Wednesday morning, he made many innovations in physics, changing his fate in favor of him. There are many theories, even if the body does not cooperate and can not move. Is a testimony to self-sufficiency. Hawking has seen many twists in life and never bothered about death and is not afraid. He did not worry to die but said that there were a lot of things to do before. At one time he was about to die

"There is no life after death, heaven is a fable, there is no life after death, heaven and hell, all of which are mortals that are dead for fear of death, and the brain is like a computer, and after the computer is broken, the brain will stop working. There is nothing in our life Iyogistu should live a good life. We must work hard to be the highest in the works. It is close to 49 years, the death of me. However, I am not afraid to death. I do not think that will quickly die. I have many things to do kannumuselopu ".