Intelligent Review

Movie: Intelligent 
Starring:   sayidharamtej Lavanya Tripathi .. .. .. Posani Krishna Nasser bliss .. .. .. Ashish Vidyarthi leaves Kashi Vishwanath Shiva .. .. .. Shayaji Shinde rahuldev devgil .. .. .. jayaprakasreddi vinitkumar .. Prithvi .. Kadhabhari Kiran .. Electra Rama Raman .. Saptagiri .. Thagubothu Ramesh .. Others 
Story, Dialogues: Shiva Leela 
Cinematography: SV. Visweshwar 
Music: Taman 
Composition: Gautam Raju 
Art:   Brahma Kadali 
Combats: Venkat 
Dances: Shekhar, Jani 
Producer: C. 
Kalyan Screenplay, Direction: VV Vinayak. 
Release date: 09-02-2018


Mass NADI known director VV Vinayak. Sadhararam Tije, the hero of the film, is trying to grow up as a mass hero. The combination of these two is a mass commercial film once again. Chiranjeevi's 150th film 'Khaidi No 150' was directed by VV Vinayak. Though Sadiadharam Tej is losing streaks, these combinations and promotional films have increased the expectations of the film. Do you have a movie like this? Saidhiram Tee will get out of the defeat line with this film?

Story :Teja (Saidhiram Tez) is a software engineer. Very young guy from childhood. He reads his intelligence and reads his own money with Vision Software Solutions Company's Nand Kishore (Nasser). When the mother is told that she should not forget those who helped her, she is working in Nissa Kishore's company. Nandu Kishore, who runs the company while avoiding the welfare of the employees, hates the rivals. Nandu Kishore decides to crush the company with Vickybhai (Rahuldev). Meanwhile, Nand Kishore writes his company in the name of Vickybhai, committed suicide. What is the reason for Nanda Kishore suicide? Have you really committed suicide? Or anyone killed? Is the Dharmabhaya theater to end Vickybhai? The other things to look at the screen.

How is it: This is a movie with a routine revenge formula. VV Vinayak has tried to make a film with his marks in commercials, adding that such scenes to the tale of the new story lacked the novelty. Except for some entertaining scenes in the first half of the film, the movie is going to go with the formula. Unlikely scenes in the second half create more frustration in the audience. Even though four villains were found in the characters, there was no proper villainism. The hero role was not highlighted. It would be nice if the emotions between Saidhiram Tez-Nazar were stronger. Dhammabhai Dakam is a hacking scandal entitled .. To capture Dharmabhai in the villain gang comes to the hands of Brahmanandam. Scenes in the sequence of the search sequences are entertaining and entertaining.


+ Sadiadharam Tej acting, dancing

+ Production values


- story, narrative

- Humor is not ripe

Rating: 2/5.