I have completed five years-Siddaramaiah

Karnataka Elections, which have created tremendous interest in the country, have been completed on 12th of this month. The interest in Tuesday's outcome has been of interest. The political parties in the state are expressing their desire to win. However, Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah has been sworn in for five years.

Speaking on this occasion, he said, "I took sworn oath to Karnataka on 13 May 2013. Five years as Chief Minister. I learned a lot in these five years. I have earned enough political knowledge. I have done good things to the state of my capacity. Before the swearing-in as Chief Minister, I did almost everything I had done for the development of the people and the people. I think people have achieved basic needs. All this is possible with the help of your (people). I hope that you (people) will put my trust in me and give me your support. I have never been satisfied with the development of the country. I assure the public that the state will work in the direction of development and run. Waiting for another day is coming, "he said.

Elections were held on 22 of 222 seats in Karnataka for 224 Assembly seats. The election was postponed as the party's candidate Vijayakumar hacked to death. The election was postponed in Rajarajeshwarnagar as the fake vote cards were disputed. Elections will be held on 28th of this month.