H1B visa issuance process has been tightened

The US has tightened the process of issuing H-1B visas. The new policy statement was issued by US President Donald Trump. Additional companies that apply for H-1B visas will now have to give additional details. Trump's government has revealed that additional details must be included in their staff. The guidelines have also been issued to submit further evidence of additional details. Applications for H-1B visas will be applicable from April 2 to 2019. In the next few days, the US has issued new regulations when the application process will begin. Indian IT companies and other employees Many are concerned that the latest regulations will be intense. Experts have suggested that IT companies will have more paperwork for H-1B visa applications with the latest regulations.

Overseas employers are temporarily able to work in companies in the US via the H-1B visa. Many of the visa by the Co companies in the United States, where a shortage of skilled employees, candidates for foreign employees. Particularly, Indian IT companies are benefiting from this policy. A large number of their employers are employed in the third-party workshop. According to the latest policy released by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on seven pages , employees have to pay only H-1B visa for a limited period of time working in a third-party workshop. Currently, the H-1B visa is valid for three years, and that the latest regulations should be less than three years. The H-1B visa employee in the Third Party Workshop has revealed that I have to prove that I have specific qualifications in a particular profession. According to current bonds, the  H-1B visa extension will be further tightened for employees at anytime during the previous visa .