Discuss the formation of the Federal Front: KCR

 All the people of the country are looking forward to an alternative, said Telangana Chief Minister KCR. He met with Trinamool Congress chief and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. The meeting, which lasted for about two hours, was discussed on the political situation in the country, including setting up the Federal Front. At a joint press conference held by the two leaders, KCR first said that the 2019 elections were discussed on the necessity of formation of a federal front. BJP and Congress have failed in fulfilling their aspirations. Their front is too big, and their alliance will soon begin with the agenda of the people. We need a qualitative change in the country's politics and the first meeting of the change in politics is a first step. We hope that many friends will come along with us. KCR is going to be the largest alliance in the future and will move forward with the development of the country. KCR said that discussions with Mamana have been accepted on some issues and will clarify further on future issues. What has changed in the country that has so far been ruled by Congress or BJP? We can not decide everything about the formation of the front, discussing with all the people who are with us and let us know the rest.

Mamata Banerjee wants to change the country, and expressed hope that she erpatavutundani strong federal front. The situation in the country will create leaders. In this meeting, the issues of national development and farmers are discussed. Talks with all the friends who are emotionally said. Mamata Banerjee said that the meeting was widely discussed at the meeting on national development.

Besides KCR, MPs Keshava Rao and Rajiv Sharma, Chief Advisor to the State Government, participated in the poem. The KCR band is going to Hyderabad this night after worshiping at the Kalikavata Temple.