Deputy cm angry on pawan kalyan

Deputy Chief Minister KE Krishnamurthy demanded that Pawan Kalyan, the leader of the anti-corruption january in Polavaram, The government has the courage to take action against the allegations of corruption and evidence. The funding was not because of the outcome of the NDA and that the Center was not in a position to deal with the situation further. Pawan's comments on Teddappa said that his image was destroyed. Pawan said, "If you want to do something to the state, you should go to Dilli. Pawan said, "Why is there no change in dilemma and why there is no change in the status  quo. If the debate is going on in The Mall, Pawan is thinking of doing it here. Those who are not in power are advised to lose their livelihood. Three months later, it was not right to make mud slippers. Tamil Nadu-style politics are paid in AP.