Bank employees' anger over cash shortage

In the last few days cash or people have been struggling with ATMs. The same situation in any bank ATM is that it is very disappointing to go to the bank and withdraw cash. In this context, the bankers are stuck with the bank staff. The bank staff are unable to answer the question as they are seriously questioning, 'We have a problem with you for donating money'. The bank employees are also angry with the central government and the RBI. Bank employees' unions warn that unless this situation persists, it will not be anxiety.

"The central government and the RBI are expressing their opposition to the people. In this case the bankers are angry with the employees and are disrespectful. No matter what you say. As soon as the appropriate measures are initiated, there will be more difficulties if the cash supply is not increased, "Associations General Secretary CHH Venkatachalam said. All the bank unions warned that the issue would not be resolved if the issue was resolved.

Recently Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said the sudden rise in cash consumption in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar states has resulted in a sharp rise in demand. This issue is only temporary and promised to settle soon. In the first 13 days, the demand for cash was Rs 45,000 crore. SBI chief Rajnish said that cash withdrawal would be smooth if the money was withdrawn from the money again. Besides, people do not have to deposit it with them. It is important that money rotation is important. Already the banks are moving through a fleet of high cash reserves to meet the shortage of money.